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How Can We Help YOU With Your Disability Claim?

Nationwide Assistance  Social Security, SSI Disability Veterans Disability Short & Long-Term Disability Patient Advocacy Wherever You Are In The United States YOU can HAVE EXPERT HELP for ALL YOUR DISABILITY CLAIM NEEDS Our representatives, attorneys, vocational experts, insurance specialists and other professional are here because of you. Our experienced and knowledgeable advocates became experts in…

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When Should You Hire An Attorney? Long-Term Disability

Jeremy Borderlon Esquire Cascadia Law Firm

Article written and provided by: Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire (Jeremy’s Profile) Evergreen Disability Law Portland, Oregon Many times, people who get a disability insurance denial will not know what to do next.  Do you appeal on your own?  Hire an attorney now?  Hire one later?  Sometimes, the first thing they do is to contact their State’s…

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The Importance Of A Fully Developed Medical Record

The importance Of A Fully Developed Medical Record in SSDI Cases, Article Provided By, Cliff Farrell, Esq. (See Cliff’s profile here). One of the most common problems in the Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) claims process is making sure Social Security gets enough proof of your medical impairments or…

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