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Disability Claims Help is a Full-Service Network

Social Security Retirement, Survivors Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability, Widows Disability, Child Disability, Continuing Disability Reviews, Over Payment Issues, Veterans Disability, Medicare, Part A, B, C, D, and Long Term Disability (LTD) Health Insurance appeals, Vocational Assessments, Patient Advocacy, Railroad Retirement Disability Claims

Free Consultations for ALL Disability Claims

Experienced and Knowledgeable Representation


Social Security/SSI Disability Services

Assistance Filing your Application

Preparing and Filing paperwork for all Applications

We will appear with you at your scheduled hearing

File your appeal with the appeals council if necessary

File your claim in Federal District Court if necessary

Prepare and submit written briefs

Obtain additional evidence to support your claim if necessary

Answer your questions

Return phone calls and emails in a timely manner

Vocational Services

Vocational Assessment

Initial Assessments and Evaluations

Job Coaching

Life Skills Coaching

Vocational Exploration

Case Management

Job Readiness Development

Independent Living Assessment

Pre-employment Transition Services

Job Placement and Counseling

Work and the Disabled -Job Information

Insurance and Patient Advocacy Services:

Insurance and Patient Maze

Assistance with navigating the healthcare system

Work with licensed health providers, insurance companies, and others to coordinate health care and costs

Life Care Planning

Help you file insurance claims, dispute denialsFind legal assistance after a medical error

Track paperwork and records

Representation for Long-Term Disability Insurance

Representation for Short -Term Disability Insurance



Veterans Disability


Flag for Veterans


We respect, honor and support all of our Veterans. Several of our advocates here are former military or remain actively involved with the military.  All of our advocates for Veterans Disability and other veteran issues are experienced, knowledgeable experts in this field of representation




We will


Advocate zealously on your behalf


Obtain and explain evidence needed to support your claim


Analyze your VA claim history and suggest the most efficient way of getting the benefits you are entitled


Handle your appeals and assists you in providing sworn testimony at the local or Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) hearing, or a hearing before a Board Member (BVA)


Experienced, Accredited Attorney and Non-attorney VA Disability Representatives


Check out Our Disability Clients Helpful Resources Page for articles, quick links and other information

to help you navigate the disability claims process.

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