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Philip Litteral-Disability Representative

Philip Litteral, EDPNAADR President National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) 9/2017-9/2019.  Current Government Affairs Liaison (NADR). Joseph Litteral, MA, EDPNA (Father and Son Team)

Disability Claims Help is pleased and honored to recommend Philip Literal and his son Joseph (not pictured) for your consideration when choosing a representative for your Social Security or SSI Disability claim.  Philip’s credentials, experience and compassion for both the profession and his clients is second to none!  His son Jospeh works with him and together, their services are unmatched. 

Phillip Literal, EDPNA. ADR

Philip Litteral has 34 years of direct industry experience, working for the Social Security Administration.  As a long-time member of SSA’s Disability Training Cadre, Philip has spent many months over several years preparing National Trainings for SSA Field Offices, Disability Determinations Services and Hearing Offices on the new ELECTRONIC DISABILITY process.

In 2007 Mr. Litteral was awarded one of SSA’s highest awards, the DEPUTY COMMISSIONER’S CITATION for efforts in nationwide training on the electronic filing systems and on the Disability Service Initiatives.

In 2007 Mr. Litteral launched Disability Claims Experts, Inc. after retiring from his work with the Social Security Administration to help private citizens successfully navigate the system and claim federal benefits.  Mr. Litteral specializes in client representation throughout all levels of the administrative appeal process for Social Security Disability and SSI Disability claimants.

Mr. Litteral also offers presentations on a variety of disability-related topics for both non-profit and for-profit companies and organizations.

Joseph Litteral is a Retired Disability Examiner, Single Decision Maker (SDM) with the Disability Determination Section of Kentucky, a State/Federal agency making disability decisions for the Social Security Administration.

Mr. Litteral joined his father Phillip with Disability Claims Experts in 2011 to offer his expertise of the Sequential Evaluation Process, medical records review/analysis, development, case preparation and brief writing.  Mr. Litteral’s personal touch in advising and assisting clients has helped Disability Claims Experts earn a reputation as one of the best disability advocacy companies in the country.

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