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Paul Ringsmuth, M.S., CRC/Retired

Paul Ringsmouth, M.S., CRC, Retired


Paul Ringsmuth, M.S., CRC/Retired

Paul Ringsmuth received a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN with majors in Psychology and Philosophy and a Master of Science degree from St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN with majors in Rehabilitation Counseling and Employment Counseling.   M.S. means he has a Master of Science degree.  CRC/Retired means he is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor/Retired. EDPNA means Eligible for Direct Pay – Non Attorney.  Mr.Ringsmuth passed the required SSA test and met all other requirements as of 12/14/2011.

Mr. Ringsmuth’s Work Background includes 36 years as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, 18 of those in a correctional facility and 18 more years in a general community caseload.  As a vocational rehabilitation counselor he helped many of his clients fill out the forms for Social Security disability applications and helped them to develop their medical records including obtaining psychological reports.

Encore Career:  Established the business, Disability Representative Services LLC, on 8/31/2007 and received his first social security disability case in 2007.

Mr. Ringsmuth is a member of NADR and has daily contact with the organization and it’s members by way of NADR’s email talk list.  He has Attended annual Social Security Disability Law Conferences which are presented by NADR and remains an important contributor to the organization with his wealth of knowledge relating to vocational factors that apply to social security disability claims.  As Mr. Ringsmuth was learning the disability representation business, he struggled to learn the vocational issues. To solve the problem he developed software using his graduate school training on the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and his skills as a database software developer that he previously used in his Vocational Rehabilitation job (Vocational information that he was learning from his professional organization).

The software is called RepToolsSSD and is sold here.  Please contact us for more information on the RepToolsSSDsoftware.

Other Involvements/Services:

• Former city council member with the City of Waite Park, MN. Former Chairman of the St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission – Completed 15 years on the Commission ending 6/30/13.

• Active in his church.

• Proud husband and father of two daughters, one who is a professional in a library and another who is a speech therapist in a school district.

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