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Disability Claims Help-Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire

Attorney, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA),
Social Security Disability-All appeals,
Including Federal District Court  

Fully Accredited Army Reserve Judge Advocate, First Lieutenant

Serving the 22d Legal Operations Detatchment, Trial Defense Services.



Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire
Disability Claims Help is honored to have Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire (Evergreen Disability Law) as part of our team of expert attorneys to assist you with your disability claim.


Attorney Jeremy Bordelon concentrates his practice on disability insurance benefits from private insurers. Many of these claims are governed by federal employee benefits laws, known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA. These are complex cases in a field that few attorneys practice in, so Jeremy has had the opportunity to work on these cases from all over the country, from Hawaii to Florida, New England to the West Coast. He has also handled claims at all stages, from the initial application for benefits to the insurer, all the way up to the United States District Courts and Courts of Appeal.

In addition to disability benefits claims, Jeremy has worked on claims for health insurance benefits, accidental death benefits, life insurance coverage denials, and other employee benefit and private policy issues.  Jeremy got his start in the disability benefits field in 2004 as a paralegal for a well-respected firm practicing primarily in the fields of Social Security and ERISA disability benefits.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Assistant Studies, followed by his juris doctorate, magna cum laude, from the University of Tennessee College of Law. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate education, he continued his involvement with real cases and real clients.  After graduation from law school, he rejoined the same firm and worked there for six more years as an attorney before moving to Oregon in 2016.

Jeremy also represents clients on Social Security disability claims at the Agency and Federal Court levels, but generally keeps that practice focused to Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas (He is licensed to practice law in the state of Washington).  Jeremy has earned the title of “Certified as a Social Security Disability Specialist by the  National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy”.

Jeremy is admitted to all State and Federal Courts in Tennessee and Oregon, and has been granted special permission to practice in twelve other Federal District Courts for specific cases.  He is also a fully accredited Army Reserve Judge Advocate, First Lieutenant, serving the 22d Legal Operations Detatchment, Trial Defense Services.

We thank Jeremy for his committed service to our country and to his clients.

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