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Find answers to many of your compelling questions here.  If you require assistance with filing a disability claim or appeal, a veterans disability claim, short-term or long-term disability or need a patient advocate to help you navigate the health care system        

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Helpful Resources For Your Needs

The National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) launched a public awareness campaign.  The information and links listed below are common questions the general public often wants to know.  NADR has asked its’s members to please share this information with our social media:

(NADR is not associated with nor does it endorse this website)

Can you actually work while collecting SSDI?…/…/working-while-on-disability.

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Is Social Security going away?  What do you think?

#SocialSecurity #SSDIBenefits #SocialSecurityDisabilityInsurance #Disabled

You’ve Earned your SSDI Through your Tax Dollars.  How is Social Security Disability paid for? This blog post talks about how the SSDI, SSA, and SSI benefits are funded.…/

#SocialSecurity #SSDIBenefits #SocialSecurityDisabilityInsurance #Disabled

Wait Time for a Hearing with Social Security is at an All-time High 583 days. That’s how long the average wait time is to receive a hearing about Social Security disability benefits before an administrative law judge. Fourteen offices reported wait times exceeding 700 days.…/Wait-Time-for-a-Hearing-with-


#SocialSecurity #SSDIBenefits #SocialSecurityDisabilityInsurance #Disabled

The Underfunded Social Security Administration Struggles to Keep Up with the Increased Demand Adjusting for inflation, the SSA budget has declined 12% since 2010 while applicants have increased 10%. Sixty-four field offices have been closed, and the wait for a hearing has increased to 545 days.…/

The-Underfunded-Social-Security-……/hiring-freeze-and-budget-cu…#SocialSecurity #SSDIBenefits #SocialSecurityDisabilityInsurance #Disabled

What to do if you suddenly become disabled… See the 5 essential steps:

#SocialSecurity #SSDIBenefits#SocialSecurityDisabilityInsurance #Disabled

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Below is a list of  resources and information intended to be helpful related to Social Security Disability, SSI Disability, Veterans Disability, Short and Long Term Disability and Patient Advocacy assistance:

  • Articles by our team of experts to help you better understand the disability process
  • Recent Changes in Rules and Regulations relating to disability claims
  • Helpful links

Social Security and SSI Disability

Do -It-Yourself Disability?  Not a Good Idea Article by Dave Chermol, Esq., Philadelphia, PA

The Importance of a Fully Developed Medical Record in SSDI Cases
 Article by, Cliff Farrell, Esq., Columbus, Ohio

Your Client Doesn’t “Need” SSDI?  Really”?
 Article by Caryn E. Montague, RHU, LUTCF, CSA

I Don’t Go to the Doctor, Can I qualify for Disability?  Article by Dave Chermol, Esq., Philadelphia, PA

The biggest preventable threat to our nation…Prediabetes
, Article from “My Diabetes Review”

SSA’s Revised Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders

What is Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)?

Substantial Gainful Activity for the Blind

SSA’s 2017 SSDI and SSI  Rates and Limits

What is a Trial Work Period?

SSA Fraud Advisory:  Inspector General Warns Public About SSA Employee Impersonation Scheme

SSA’s Compassionate Allowance List, Get your claim expedited if your condition is on this list and you can prove you meet the criteria

SSA’s News Updates:  For all the Latest SSA News and Updates Go Here

Retirement Benefits  Estimate or apply for your retirement benefits

 Veterans Disability

Veteran Flag Liberty Freedom

Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)
 (Veterans-Connect your health records to your doctors)

Veterans Administration (VA)

VA Accredited Representatives

Cliff Farrell, Esq. Veterans Disability Advocate

Timothy Klob, Esq. LTC Command Judge and Disability Advocate

Jeremy Borderlon, Esq. Veterans Social Security and Disability Advocate

Veterans Advocates:  Why professional advocacy is better than VSO representation

Homeless Veterans Resources

No Veteran Left Behind  Vet to Vet Assistance

Veterans Employment Toolkit

Health Programs for Veterans– Manage medical priorities, online prescription re-fills, links to other federal and VA benefits

Beware Scams Targeting Veterans Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people out there preying on our military and the sympathy’s of those that support our military.  Click “Beware Scams Targeting Veterans” for more information about common fraud attempts targeting our veterans.  Also, know that the VA, like the IRS, SSA and Medicare use the U.S. Mail for all official correspondence.

Patient Advocacy

NAHAC  (National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants)

APHA (Alliance of Professional Health Advocates)

Able Act Becomes Law 

How an Independent Health or Patient Advocate can Help You

National Patient Advocate Foundation

Looking out for the health care of patients, survivors and care takers

Short and Long Term  Disability Insurance

Insurance Policy to be reviewed

You’ve Been Denied Long Term Disability Benefits, When Should You Hire An Attorney?
 Article by Jeremy Bordelon, Esq., Evergreen Disability Law, Portland, Oregon

Federal Laws on Short-Term Disability at Work

Other Resources of Interest

Low Vision Internet Gateway

Managing Sensory Processing Issues at Home

Cleaner Indoor Air and Chemical Sensitivities

Disabled Home Modification Checklist

Special Needs Safety Around Construction Sites

Renters Rights for People with Disabilities

Moving for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice

Home Modifications for the Elderly & Disabled

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