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Dorita Patricia (Pat) Watson, EDPNA

EDPNA, Social Security/SSI Disability Advocate- Expert All Levels of Administrative Appeal
Specialty-Clients with Reading and Other Communication Issues and Mental Illness

Dorita Pat Watson, EDPNA 

Dorita Patricia (Pat) Watson, EDPNA

Ms. Watson has over 30 years experience in dealing with Social Security Disability and SSI claims, along with several years working in the field of mental health and in a private psychiatrist’s office and Pain Clinic.

Ms. Watson’s years of experience include 17 years combined experience working as that of an adjudicator for state Disability Determination Service offices, staff development, training, and management in State Agencies as well as for a private corporation.  Paired with Administrative Law Judges, Ms. Watson participated in facilitating Process Unification, which was a nation-wide training initiative on Social Security Rulings for Social Security staff, including the Appeals Council.  For her involvement in this initiative, she received one of the highest awards given by Social Security, the Social Security Administration’s Deputy Commissioner’s Citation.  Other awards include recognition by the Southeastern National Association of Disability Examiners, Georgia Disability Determinations Office and the Southeastern Regional of Social Security.

Ms. Watson has also played a key role in Project Management throughout the United States to set up offices in hospitals with the focus of obtaining approvals for disability claims.  She has served as a Quality Assurance Specialist, and has had extensive training relating to the Vocational aspects of the Disability Program, developed and completed special studies on topics related to Social Security and SSI claims.  After completing training at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, she worked as a Hearing Officer for the Alabama Disability Determinations office.  Ms. Watson’s expertise is in helping clients who need more hands on assistance than others might require in getting through the Social Security system’s disability process.   Helping clients who may “fall through the cracks” due to reading and/or communication problems, mental disorders  and other severe physical issues was her personal mission when she started her firm, Disability Representation, LLC.   Ms. Watson continues with this commitment in her work today.  Her primary goal is to get claims approved early on in the process to prevent lengthy delays involved when pursuing appeals.

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