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Disability Claims Help is a carefully selected network of experienced and knowledgeable claims advocates who are experts in their respective fields. The Disability Claims Help network includes attorney and non-attorney representatives, former Social Security disability claim personnel and examiners, physicians, psychologists, healthcare and patient advocates, insurance, and vocational specialists.

Our advocates understand the importance of timely, substantiated Social Security disability/SSI disability claims as well as any related issues that require attention such as claims with life insurance, workers compensation, short and long-term disability, state sickness plans and Medicare. Disability Claims Help can assign you to one member of our network or put together a team tailored to meet all your disability claim needs.

Disability Claims Help Wants to Make OUR Network YOUR NETWORK

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Cynthia D. Arnett, EDPNA, BCPA, and President of Disability Claims Services, Inc.

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Phillip Literal EDPNA President National Association of Disability Representatives

Philip Litteral, EDPNA, ADR, President National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR), Joseph Litteral, MA, EDPNA (Father and Son Team)

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Sandy Fambrough

Sandy Fambrough, EDPNA

Sandy Fambrough has spent the past 25 years working exclusively in the disability field.

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David F. Chermol, Esquire

Mr. Chermol is a Founding and Lead Partner at the Social Security disability law firm of Chermol & Fishman, LLC.

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Clifford Farrell Esquire Help with Disability Claims and Veterans

Cliff Farrell, Esquire

Clifford M. Farrell focuses his practice in the areas of Social Security and Veterans disability.

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Caryn E. Montague, RHU, LUTC, Licensed Health and Life Insurer, Instructor, Disability Claims
                                                                Caryn E. Montague, RHU, LUTCF

Ms. Montague has many years of background in disability, health, long-term care products and executive benefits.

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Dorita Pat Watson EDPN Help with Disability Claims

Dorita Patricia (Pat) Watson, EDPNA, Owner Disability Representation, LLC

Ms. Watson has over 30 years experience in dealing with Social Security Disability and SSI claims, along with several years working in the field of mental health and in a private psychiatrist’s office and Pain Clinic.

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Caitlin Thomas BDN RN EDPNA Help with Disability Claims

Caitlin Thomas BSN, RN, EDPNA

Before starting her own practice in 2012, Caitlin Thomas began her work with disability claims in people’s homes and hospitals in 2002.

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Timothy M. Klob Esquire Veteran Disability Claim Help

Timothy M. Klob, Esquire, LTC, Command Judge Advocate 

Timothy Klobattended Georgia State University College of Law and is licensed to practice in Georgia and Tennessee.

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DR. Ted D Mitchell Vocational Expert

Dr. Ted D. Mitchell, DC, MRC, EdS Certified Medical Examiner (ME)

Dr. Mitchell has almost 20 years of clinical experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine and the return to work of injured individuals.

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Attorney Jemery Bordelon

Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire

Attorney Jeremy Bordelon concentrates his practice on disability insurance benefits from private insurers. Many of these claims are governed by federal employee benefits laws, known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA.

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Paul Ringsmuth Retired Disability Claims Help and Rep Tools Creator

Paul Ringsmuth, M.S., CRC/Retired, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Counselor, Creator of RepToolsSSD software

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Randy Persad EDPNA Help with Disability Claims

Randy Persad, EDPNA, Owner Persad Disability, Director at Large NADR

Read more about Randy

Barbara S Manna EDPNA Help with Disability Claims

Barbara S. Manna, B.S., EDPNA, ADR.  Social Security/SSI Disability and Railroad Retirement Disability

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