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Social Security & SSI Disability Programs

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WHERE DOES ALL THIS MONEY COME FROM? Article contributed by David F. Chermol, Esquire The Social Security disability system costs the federal government billions and billions of dollars every single year. So where does this money come from? You. That’s the short answer. But it comes from you in two very different ways reflecting the…

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You Forgot To Add Life Waiver of Premium? Really?

The frequency with which I see disability claimants not properly protected, not having life insurance waivers of premium (LWOP) on personally-owned coverage, is astonishing. The risk of life insurance coverage lapsing when a disability claim is made and LWOP is missing is too high to ignore. The additional cost to cover the premiums ranges from about 3% for someone in his 20’s to about…

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Health, Productivity and Overall Well Being

Resources and Ideas Relating to Your Health and Overall Well-Being Books 468×60 Seasonal Promotions – Banner Rotator Online Programs for Learning   Health Talks “In business since our first event in 2014, Health Talks Online has served health education and information to millions worldwide, helping them learn how to live healthier and happier lives”.

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How Can We Help YOU With Your Disability Claim?

Nationwide Assistance  Social Security, SSI Disability Veterans Disability Short & Long-Term Disability Patient Advocacy Wherever You Are In The United States YOU can HAVE EXPERT HELP for ALL YOUR DISABILITY CLAIM NEEDS Our representatives, attorneys, vocational experts, insurance specialists and other professional are here because of you. Our experienced and knowledgeable advocates became experts in…

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Your Experience with the Disability Process

Good, Wonderful!  Ugly, Or Downright Ugly! We want to know about your disability application process experience!  Did you ultimately get approved?  How long did it take you to get through the system? Have you been fighting for years?  Have you applied for benefits and been denied?  Did you give up?  What if anything do you…

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When Should You Hire An Attorney? Long-Term Disability

Jeremy Borderlon Esquire Cascadia Law Firm

Article written and provided by: Jeremy Bordelon, Esquire (Jeremy’s Profile) Evergreen Disability Law Portland, Oregon Many times, people who get a disability insurance denial will not know what to do next.  Do you appeal on your own?  Hire an attorney now?  Hire one later?  Sometimes, the first thing they do is to contact their State’s…

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I DON’T GO TO THE DOCTOR. CAN I GET DISABILITY? Article written and provided By David F. Chermol, Esquire (See Dave’s profile here) Probably not. If you do not treat regularly for your medical problems, you probably cannot win your case. There are some rare instances where this is not true. But generally you must…

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The Importance Of A Fully Developed Medical Record

The importance Of A Fully Developed Medical Record in SSDI Cases, Article Provided By, Cliff Farrell, Esq. (See Cliff’s profile here). One of the most common problems in the Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) claims process is making sure Social Security gets enough proof of your medical impairments or…

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Do It Yourself Disability? NOT A GOOD IDEA

DO IT YOURSELF DISABILITY?  NOT A GOOD IDEA   Article By David F. Chermol, Esquire (See Dave’s Profile Here) I have a lot of people call my office who want to go for disability by themselves.  They call, ask a few questions, get a few answers, and then they are off to try to get it…

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