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Links to articles, disability claims related organizations, rules and regulation updates, tools to make your work more productive and services we offer to assist other professionals

Your Client Doesn’t “Need” SSDI ?  Really?
(Article by Caryn E. Montague)

SSA  (Social Security Administration)
NADR (National Association of Disability Representatives)

Information for Attorneys, Non-Attorney’s and Healthcare Professionals

NOSSCR  (National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives)

NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Health)

NAHAC  (National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants)

APHA (Alliance of Professional Health Advocates)

SSA’s Revised Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders

SSA’s Modifications to the Disability Determination Procedures RE:  “Single Decision” Maker test

SSA’s Final Rules Regarding Evaluation of Medical Evidence

SSA’s Revised Rules Regarding Evaluation of Medical Evidenc

Services We Offer Other Professionals Working in Disability and Related Fields


Brief Writing Services:  Pre-Hearing memorandum and on the record requests for fully favorable decisions, includes complete file review and synopsis of supportive medical evidence (Fast, accurate and reasonably priced).

Medical Records Review and Analysis:  We will review all of your medical records and provide you with an analysis and recommendation regarding your client’s disability claim.  We can also provide services for functional capacity assessments

Vocational Services:  Expert testimony on the consequences of catastrophic injury or illness resulting in permanent disability, Job placement and counseling, comprehensive vocational evaluation, Pre-employment transition services, Record review and vocational rehabilitation opinion, future earning capacity assessment, labor market survey, job analysis

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Speakers’ Bureau:  We offer speakers who can deliver expert advice and analysis on the industry’s most pressing and engaging issues.  Our services include talks, presentations, question and answer sessions, client screenings for non-profit organizations and for profit companies, health clinics, assisted living facilities, mental health resource centers, hospitals, VA service centers, support groups and schools

Social Security and Retirement related topics, (Retirement, Survivors, Disability, Health Insurance [Medicare Parts A, B, C and D],  Supplemental Security Income) and Veterans Disability topics.

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Federal District Court Case Review and Representation:  If you are a Social Security/SSI Disability non-attorney or an attorney who does not handle claims at the federal district court level, we have attorney’s who specialize in federal district court cases nationwide.

Software and Tools for Social Security Disability Practitioners

More Powerful Resources!

For those who are not familiar with Atlasware software, we highly recommend downloading the free software which allows you to quickly download your ERE files with exhibit and page number.

“If you are in the business of representating Social Security/SSI Disability clients, I do not see how you can do without this software, it is one of the best tools available”-Cynthia Arnett



• To help you win cases.
• To ensure accuracy.
• To make it easier to prepare winning strategies.
• To place information at your fingertips.
• To go where software has never gone before.
• To have a little fun.

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